How Many of These Are in Your Closet?

A well-rounded closet can help you live a more well-rounded lifestyle. Keep reading to learn our four essentials for a well-rounded closet at NuelCart!


Structured Blazer

Having a structured blazer in your closet is an absolute must. Having a blazer or two in your arsenal serves multiple purposes. It shows that you have an eye for women’s fashion and ensures you are prepared for any professional setting. A woman in a blazer is a woman in charge who knows how to get things done.  Blazers simply help to make sure that you are prepared for any professional event life throws your way.


Plain T-Shirts

Plain T-Shirts are the Swiss Army Knife of the women’s fashion world. Their versatility is unparalleled by anything else that lives in your closet. You can work out in a plain T-shirt, be comfortable around the house, complement it with additional accessories and be ready for a night out, the possibilities are endless. When it comes to closet essentials for a well-rounded closet, you’ll definitely want to throw some plain T-shirts in the mix.



At NuelCart, we believe the best clothing in women’s fashion is the clothing that is both fashionable and practical. With sweaters, that’s exactly what you get! Sweaters make for a great addition to practically any outfit while also keeping nice and toasty in the cooler months of the year. Not to mention that some sweaters (like the Women Sweater Coat Spring at NuelCart) are super soft and comfortable!


Exercise Clothing

Last but not least, you’ll want some quality exercise clothing for your closet. Exercise is absolutely pivotal to living a happy, healthy lifestyle. Sure, you can work out in jeans and a T-shirt, but do you really want to? The right exercise clothing will make your exercise experience much more enjoyable. Also, women’s fashion has infiltrated the athletic wear market, so you can look great while enjoying functional workout clothing!


How many of these essentials do you already have in your closet? If you’re looking for quality women’s fashion items for your closet, be sure to check out our clothing selection at NuelCart!


Do you agree with our top four items for a well-rounded closet? Let us know your top picks!